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Have a health question? We have the health resources for you so you can make informed health decisions and ask the right questions when you meet with your primary care provider.

BlueStar Guide helps parents and caregivers find, rate and review local disability services using caregiver specific language. Visit website →
Today’s Coloradan (formerly Healthy Coloradan) is Colorado’s premier lifestyle showcase, featuring people, places and things to do in both digital and print form. Visit website → advocates for people to make a stand against prescription drugs that have harmful side effects and medical devices that cause damage by providing accurate, comprehensive information about these commonly used drugs and devices. Visit website →
Many Colorado residents and visitors have questions about retail marijuana. Click on the fact sheet below to answer some commonly asked questions and help start conversations about using marijuana safely.

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Managing diabetes? Review this guide to learn how to better live with and manage diabetes. Go →
Wanting to quit smoking? Learn the risks and quit today with the help of these tips from the American Heart Association®. Visit website →
At Mayo Clinic, more than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers share their expertise to empower you. Visit website →
AspenPointe provides the best possible care to its clients and families, providing health care services and education and training. Visit website →
Alcohol Rehab Guide is a new online resource that connects alcoholics and their families with the help they need to conquer this disease. A recent analysis shows that nearly 240 million people suffer from an alcohol addiction. Alcohol Rehab Guide’s goal is to help these individuals and their loved ones by providing them with information on the signs of an alcohol addiction, the effects and the support options for those involved. Visit website →