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Chronic pain comes from lots of different reasons. Maybe you were in a car accident and suffered whiplash or have an old knee injury or surgery you are recovering from. Whatever the reason, you have been sure to find options that help relieve the pain while you recover and seek treatment. At the hospital, they may have given you narcotics for a brief period after the surgery, or you are trying your best to cope.
If you suffer from serious pain, there are options to help that don’t use narcotics and have a much lower risk of creating a dependency. We will cover the options you may be presented to help you start the conversation with your primary care provider.

Physical Therapy – This is the most common solution that you will hear about often and probably have been suggested to seek. After surgery or injury, you will want to build back up the injured area and physical therapy can give you back that range of motion.
TENS units – You may have heard of these before, but this is a small tool that puts electrode-transmitting patches onto the issue area that are connected to a battery pack. The pack then transmits pulses at a chosen frequency prescribed by your primary care provider. These pulses can help soothe the problem area and relieve aching by loosening up the tight muscles.
Topical Treatments – These can include creams and patches that are applied to the pain area.
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs – These take the form of over the counter and prescriptions like ibuprofen, motrin, or other popular pain relievers.
Steroidal injections –

If we find that, after trying some of these options, or we dig deeper into your case and find more challenges, we can refer you to a specialist in our network that is more able to handle your unique case.

Have we tried any of these or seen them be successful?

You might have seen some success stories yourself, but we have a few examples where treatment went well using non-narcotic pain management. We have seen lots of cases in treating knee pain and back pain with these types of options like physical therapy. They are definitely viable and successful choices.

If you think you might need some help in finding pain management solutions, we would be glad to help. Maybe you don’t have a primary care provider, which is why you have been living with the pain for awhile. We would love to meet with you and find you ways to relieve the chronic pain.

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