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When it comes to managing your health, there are more people that play a role in helping you make decisions than you think. If you are unaware of the influence, you might not make the best decisions when it comes to your health. Once you learn how your support network affects you, you can start to educate them and yourself in order to improve bad habits and get healthier.

Factors to consider:

  1. Family – You learned how to manage your health from whoever raised you and those you are related to inevitably pass on their habits and it’s up to you to choose a different path.
  2. Friends – The people you hang out with everyday do have a say in how you manage your health and the habits you have developed. If those habits are bad ones, it is important to be aware of that and look for ways to change.
  3. Healthcare providers – Medical professionals are trained to help patients identify and correct health issues and behaviors. It is important that these people work with the patient to help improve their health, serving them every step of the way.

By understanding their influence and the habits that may not be healthy, you can start to improve. Starting with education and awareness, you can change the atmosphere in your family that will alter the bad habits and exchange them for better ones.

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