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How do you start your Asthma?

Because there are so many triggers to asthma, it is important to consider what may be the ones in your environment that might need to be removed in order for you to start managing your health and feeling better.

  •      Animal Dander
  •      Dust mites
  •      Pollen & Outdoor Mold

Medicine is usually prescribed to help manage it, but adjusting your environment to remove triggers and issues goes a long way to helping you feel better. Keep in mind that even though physical activity can trigger asthma, there are ways to exercise safely, like having a quick-relief medicine available or doing a warm up before increasing the intensity of the exercise.

Using Medicine to Manage Asthma

Most people with asthma need 2 kinds of medicines:

  1. Quick-relief medicine: This takes the form of an inhaler that dispenses a short-acting beta-agonist. It works fast to relax tightened muscles around your airways. Inhalers are used as needed, such as during exercise, when symptoms spike.
  2. Long-term control medicine: These are taken every day, even when you don’t have symptoms. They are intended to protect against asthma attacks and are not intended to help once symptoms start.

Quick-relief medicine is only intended when symptoms spike unexpectedly and you need immediate help. They are not intended for regular use and if you find you are using them on a regular basis, you and your doctor can look into a long-term solution.

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